International Translation Company
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International Translation Company

Welcome to Master Perevoda, one of the largest Russian translation companies. It makes no difference where you live - it is easy to work with us. 

And what is most important, it makes good sense. Our prices are much lower than those in any other European country (the average price for translation into any European language is as low as EUR 0.03 per word). 

Translation quality meets all modern criteria, as evidenced by our large international client base.

This year our company celebrates its 14th anniversary! More than 70 foreign languages and more than 1,000 professional translators and proofreaders are at your service. 

Modern means of communication and payment methods blur the boundaries between countries. So why should you pay 2-3 times more for services of equal quality?

We keep the way to work with us utmost simple:

  • You e-mail us a file to be translated (

  • Our specialist immediately assesses it and e-mails you back the price, possible terms and payment methods.

  • If you agree, we start to work immediately.

In addition, our manager is ready to assist you in English, German or Russian by the phone: +7 (495) 518-86-27+7 (925) 518-86-27 (twenty-four-hour)

You will spend as little time as if you applied to a translation company in your home country. 

Moreover, we can do an urgent translation for you (translation speed is more than 10 conventional pages, or over 3 000 words, per day*).

*In the translation industry, one conventional page means 1800 characters with spaces.

All our customers receive a three-year warranty for translation quality. Your order is stored in our customer service database during this period. 

Another significant advantage is obligatory and free proofreading of all our translations, which improves the quality to the highest.

In addition to texts, we interprete negotiations, summits and conferences, translate audio/video files. 

Our team includes experienced consecutive and simultaneous interpreters. We completely organize interpretation services of any complexity, including delivery, installation and configuration of the necessary equipment.

We often organize interpretations for our foreign clients. The average interpretation rate is 50 euro per hour. We apply a flexible volume discount system. 

Please e-mail or call us to find out if there is a technical possibility for your interpretation needs.

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